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I like my pics and I hope you do to :)


I don't favourite many pics. And for special occasion pics n stuff I'll only leave'em as a fav for like a week or something after the occasion.
Got into Uni, yay!
Got into first preference course with my friend, yay!
Do I like it? Yay!

it's only week 3, but I've fallen behind on studies already because one of my teachers gives so much damn work to do that you don't have time for anything else.
The other classes clear out the rest of the spare time that you have leftover after completing that classes work with homework from their classes, which you have next to no time to do.

Maybe I should ask that question again... Do I like it?
It's okay.

The workload is full-on, just because of that one class as I explained, but after things start to settle down a little, I do think things will improve. I've had no problem making friends, what we have to do in and out of class and what we learn are all fine in my eyes. It's a really broad design course which covers everything to do with digital media design and narrows down to specific groups in later years. It ranges from television and film, type, storyboarding, cinematography, drawing, concept art, designing things like logos and things for companies, so I quite like it.

It's just that one GODFORSAKEN class that goes "Free time? Lol nothing like that here" which really gets on my nerves, however, I make my own because I always have and always will because I work in my own time. Nothing I do is ever late nor early and all fits together perfectly.

Anyway, that's my small rant and vague opinion about Uni.

Now for the fun part!

Life's been pretty awesome. I got money. A lot of it. And I mean A lot. I also got a ps4 for my 18th (as well as a whiskey flask. Ah the joys of uncles) and Assassins Creed IV which is pretty awesome. Not gonna get more games on it until FF XV and Kingdom Hearts III and Mirror's Edge 2. I also bought myself Kingdom Hearts: Chain of memories on GBA which I've been playing recently as well as one of the original Nintendo DS consoles (which I regret because I could have gotten a 2DS instead so I could have bought Kingdom hearts 3D and played that as well) and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days. I also plan on buying a new computer with the money I received. Well the parts to put it together which is still gonna be great anyway. Just need to make up my mind about it soon otherwise it's never gonna happen.

Well that's the Update. Sahweet.


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I like drawing. I also like anime. I'm 18 and I'm slowly and steadily achieving my art style of one which is very adaptable. That is, I will be able to draw what I want without much of a hassle. Except I still need a lot of improvement and have a very long way to go.

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